We are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Western Canada Power Exchange competition are Curious Frenchie & Irradiant Phoenix.

  Curious Frenchie & Irradiant Phoenix.

They met at a munch in January 2017. Frenchie was in attendance and it was Phoenix’s first. Frenchie having 8 years in the lifestyle and Phoenix only 4 months. She asked “why me? I’m new”.

His life experiences, patience, communication and “real” approach captured her attention. A not so positive first impression and PMs led to both agreeing to start a D/s dynamic. In the past 18 months, both have grown personally and as a couple, taking part in community events.

Reinforcing the “staying real” approach has given them a solid base to all aspects of their joint journey.


We are proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Western Canada  Power Exchange competition are Lady Umbra & prairie_locked.

  Lady Umbra & prairie_locked

Lady Umbra and her slave, prairie_locked, met through their shared love of bootblacking. From their first scene when they polished each other’s boots, together they discovered aspects of themselves as their relationship grew into a total power exchange. Lady Umbra formally collared her slave in June 2016, and they currently enjoy a deeply spiritual Owner/property dynamic.

Lady Umbra served on the board of Saskatoon’s Xibalba Studio from fall 2015 until early 2017, and she continues to facilitate and organize the Saskatoon Women’s BDSM Group. prairie_locked has served on the board of directors of Kink Regina since March 2016.


Our WCPE 2017 titleholders are now also the 2018 IPE titleholders!!!!!

Congratulations to Lady Umbra & prairie_locked for winning the International Power Exchange competition in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 26 – 29, 2018.