The judging criteria and scoring process for Western Canada Bootblack is based on the one used by the International Community Bootblack competition (to facilitate any potential future desire for the title holder to compete at the international level) and the Olympic scoring method. The contest will have 5 judges, and both the lowest and highest scores for each pair in each category will be thrown out – only the middle 3 scores will be counted (with the exception of Overall Image). In the unlikely event there is a tie score at the end of the contest; all 5 scores will be counted. In the extremely unlikely event that there is still a tie score, the Producers, Director and Judges will convene to decide on a winner. There will be a total maximum possibility of 500 points per person. A minimum of 70% of the total score must be achieved for a winner to be declared. This means that even if we only have one person competing, they must score at least a total of 350 points in order to win the titles. A Head Judge will be appointed. A Tally Master and an Assistant Tally Master will calculate the scores separately. Their total scores will be compared for accuracy. A timekeeper will be present when needed.

Contestants will be judged in five categories:

Speech (75 points)

This is your opportunity to share your passion for bootblacking. You will have a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. You may use any visuals you feel would be helpful – visuals are not a requirement but they are allowed. Background music and handouts are not allowed during this portion. You will have the use of a stage and microphone. When you reach the 8 minute mark on your time, you will be quietly made aware that you have to wrap it up. When you are done, you will be given no more than 5 minutes to answer questions from the audience – the judges will not ask questions, they will only observe.

Technical Boot Skills and Interpersonal Skills (150 points)

This portion of the contest will allow the competing bootblack to show off their talent and flair for bootblacking in a “conference bootblacking” setting. You may choose the person and bootblacking session you wish to be judged on to best showcase your skills both with the boots and the person wearing them. However, this portion cannot have been rehearsed or specifically practiced beforehand – you will also be judged on your ability to share your passion and skills on the fly and someone you are unfamiliar with. Sign-up sheets for bootblacking spots will help you choose the best person for this.

Fantasy and Demo (150 points)

This is your chance to show us just how hot bootblacking can be. You will have a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes (with or without a partner of your choice) to showcase hot leather sex in bootblacking. You may use background music (supplied by you ahead of time).  You will be judged on the content, connection, and general hotness of your demo or fantasy along with audience reaction, stage presence, image and the comfort level you display. There will be no questions asked by the judges or audience. You will not be given notice of your time running out; this should be timed with your music.
Interview (75 points)

The judges will be allowed to ask you whatever they want to know. You will be interviewed by all of the judges together and the interviews are closed to all others including handlers or friends. The judges will score you on how well you answer the questions and on the attire you choose to wear. The length of the interview will be determined at the contest but will most likely last between 15 and 20 minutes per contestant.

Overall Image (50 points)

The last thing the judges will be asked to do will be to score you on their overall feeling about you and how they observed you during the contest weekend. There is no defined “look” other than being authentic to the leather lifestyle and love of bootblacking.