We are pleased to present the following workshops at Wicked in the West this year!

Ethical Non-Monogamy and Power Exchange

Presented by 1KnottySir & DawnMegaTron

Saturday 0900 – Heritage Room

Committed to putting the F-U in F-U-N and the laughter in slaughter, 1KnottySir and DawnMegaTron want to show you how to add depth and dimension to your relationships through communication and authenticity.

When you are living your truth, all things are possible. They will share how they developed their dynamic while managing a family and nurturing relationships with other partners. Yes, it can be done!

Let’s talk about
-Different types on Ethical Non-Monogamy.
-Managing emotions and effectively communicating about the hard stuff.
-Finding balance – managing multiple relationships in and out of kink.
-The importance (and joy!) of protocols and rituals for both sides of the slash.
-Q&A- bring your questions and we’ll work on them as a group.

Humiliation For Those Without Shame

Presented by Lady Umbra & her slave, prairie_locked

Saturday 0900 – Northern Lights Room

Be amused and bemused as Lady Umbra and her slave, prairie_locked share their sheer joy of humiliation play and showcase how they include it daily within their power exchange dynamic. You will quickly learn why their relationship is often described as a Queen and her court jester. Watching these two dig through their Tickle Trunk will be sure to bring back memories of Mr. Dressup, but with a kinky twist!

The workshop will cover planning, negotiating, and providing aftercare for extreme humiliation scenes, before illustrating many of the quirky ways they incorporate humiliation play into their power exchange.

Trigger warning: this is an edge play workshop and contains content that can trigger participants (sometimes in unexpected ways).

Body Positivity Through slave Dancing

Presented by Sir Luke and victor

Saturday 0900 – Peace River Room

Bring your best movement and range of confidence to this interactive class. We will challenge our own perspectives and learn how to work what we have. Despite the title, this class is inclusive to all genders and roles, and all participants will learn how taking ownership of our bodies can bring a whole new world to light.

Trans 101: Basic Trans Competency for the Leather Community

Presented by Teagan

Saturday 1030 – Heritage Room

Trans people exist and are an important part of both the LGBT and the leather community. In this class, we’ll talk about the basics in regards to trans competency. We’ll define some shared vocabulary, talk about pronouns, and talk about what it’s like to be transgender in the leather community. We’ll also try to brainstorm about what our own specific communities and events can do to make ourselves more inclusive to trans people.

For The Love of Boots!

Presented by Rene Hebert

Saturday 1030 – Northern Lights Room

So you’ve stocked up your bootblacking kit with soaps, conditioners, polishes, and rags. You’ve learned the basics of cleaning, conditioning, and polishing, and you’ve gotten pretty good at it. You have no problem getting that crisp shine from a pair of stubborn boots, and even managed to restore that old leather jacket. So, you’re ready for your first one-on-one bootblacking session… but now what? How do you go from being technically capable, to making the leap of incorporating this skillset into connection, sensuality, intensity, play, and sex? In this class, we’ll be going over some of the ins and outs of using bootblacking as a form of connective play and sex, geared towards helping you create some amazing memories and interactions, both for yourself as well as the people who sit at your chair.

Knife Play

Presented by Daddy Scott

Saturday 1030 – Peace River Room

The feel of the tip of the knife as it slowly drags across your skin. Your body’s response as the fear of what is happening washes over you. The feeling of your cock getting hard, or your pussy getting wet as you realize how hot this makes you feel. This and so much more is what knife play can be about. In this class we will discuss safety, risks, and techniques for a fun and exciting knife play scene. We will discuss the difference between a knife play scene and a cutting scene. Ways to incorporate this type of play into your existing kink play and ways to add this to your D/s dynamic. This will be a discussion and demo-based class.

Living on both sides of the Slash

Presented by Doc Duhon

Saturday 1400 – Jasper Room

Doc will explore the challenges, pitfalls, and rewards of living to your fullest potential when your true nature encompasses both sides of the power dynamic. He will relate his own experience in this arena and his observations of best practices in other such individuals and M/s family structures. The session will include the complexity of such relational power structures around transparency, communication, service, erotic draw, and building foundational relationships that endure. This will be a highly interactive session where questions and audience participation will be highly encouraged.

Stories, Secrets & Truths

Presented by Lady Sierra

Saturday 1400 – Heritage Room

What really goes on behind the scenes in a clinic, hospital or emergency room?  What would you do if you were exposed via motor vehicle accident, sudden need for medical attention or outed in your Doctor’s office during your annual physical?  Are there kink friendly Health Care Professionals out there and if so, how do we find them? How confidential is your medical information and who can access your record?  Find out the answers to these and a few more questions in this informative and “state of the art” information sharing in health care.

Sierra also has a good working knowledge of the use of legal (prescription, alcohol and cannabis) and illegal (street source) drugs and the consequences of their use with consent and play in our community. She shares sensible advice for what to do when faced with accessing the very vanilla health care system as a kinky person or couple in both planned and emergency situations.

Straight Razor

Presented by Daddy Crone

Saturday 1400 – Northern Lights Room

Shaving, it is one of those mundane things we all have to do. For most, it is a matter of esthetics. For this class we will learn how to use, the sexy as hell, straight razor! The intimacy, tapping into All the senses from, the sensations of the razor gliding across a throat, pussy or ass, hell any where on the body, the scents, the sounds of hair being severed and the trust between two people as they dance the razors edge!

Yes folks, shaving can be fun, sexy and just a little dangerous! Blood optional  😉

Journey on the Top Side

Presented by Team Soup

Saturday 1400 – Peace River Room

What does it mean to be on the top side of the slash. Do we all have to be Dominant or can we just be a sadist? Is it okay to be a Master but not enjoy hurting people? Should other people’s opinion on how you live your role matter? Why do people rank the roles and make it seem like being a Master ought to be the end goal? Let’s challenge these issues and more as we talk frankly about life on the top side.

Doing it for Science:

Presented by Kirsten Rainbow

Saturday 1530 – Heritage Room

Are you a die hard nerd that’s having trouble negotiating what gives you pants feelings? Maybe a long time player that’s getting bored doing the thing you’re “known” for. Someone new that’s overwhelmed by all the fun things? Well this is the class for you.

We will be utilizing the scientific method as a process to frame our play & come up with customized experiments you’ll enjoy doing the homework for. Join Kirsten Rainbow for a walk on the nerdy side & a little mad scientist in your life.

Ask a Titleholder

Presented by: Lady Umbra & her slave, prairie_locked / Sir Luke and victor

Saturday 1530 – Northern Lights Room

If you’ve ever had any questions about being a titleholder or what it takes to become a titleholder, join us for an interactive, panel-style workshop. International and regional titleholders will cover the basics and answer all your curiosities.

Journey on the Bottom Side

Presented by Team Soup

Saturday 1530 – Peace River Room

What does it mean to be on the bottom side of the slash? Who are you and what do you actually seek? There are so many roles and opinions about them that it can be confusing to navigate. It can be easy to lose sight of your personal journey. Join me while we challenge traditional ides about bottoming, submission and slavery. Let’s talk about how to define what you seek, what actually fulfills your spirit and how to find roles and dynamics that support your path.

Whip Workshop: Experience Passion, Joy, Fear and Healing.

Presented by Daddy Crone

Sunday 0900 – Jasper / Heritage Rooms

Everyone knows a whip when they hear one, some people are terrified by them, others get excited. This class is designed for both extremes and everything in between. We will discuss and demonstrate techniques, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy, a journey through the pleasure and pain.

Come learn the dance and flow that is possible. Learn to create more depth/connection and tap into your passion. Whether a Top or bottom, this starts with a willingness to be present. Leenie will be guiding those who wish to throw the whip plus assisting bottoms work through their resistance to receiving the whip, creating an opportunity to reshape negative experiences into a re-opening/positive experience and connection to your passion.

This workshop will leave you with solid skills, power exchange energy awareness, and an undying love for the whip. Although this class is participation based, the dance is mesmerizing to watch and an altering experience for everyone. It is so much more than technique.

Participation will be welcomed and encouraged.  If you own whips, bring them. Let’s Dance!

Realistic Conflict Resolution Within 24/7 Dynamics: Both parties are heard and the dynamic stays intact

Presented by Team Soup

Sunday 0900 – Northern Lights Room

Let’s face it, we have all seen M/s conflict resolution classes that propose one of two options: set the dynamic aside while in conflict or fall back to the dynamic and remove the voice of the slave completely. But do either of these options work or even make sense? Nope! So let’s talk about how to resolve conflict like adults in an M/s dynamic.

Building Community

Presented by Race Bannon

Sunday 1045 – Jasper/Heritage Rooms

Community is a tricky word uttered so often that it often loses meaning. Many academic researchers and civic leaders see improving community as fostering “social capital,” a label they use for networks of connection that build trust and collaboration by involving people in each other’s lives and projects. That’s as good a definition of community as any Race Bannon has encountered. 

Race has long advocated that the contemporary leather and kink scene is more a collection of loosely aligned networks than a monolithic community. BDSM practitioners, power dynamic players, pups and Handlers, fisters, gear fetishists, and other permutations of sexual outsiders primarily socialize with others who share their niche interests. Only occasionally do the networks gather to commune when it suits their needs. Race feels that accepting this reality is key to understanding how we can best build social capital (community). 

So, what is it we want to build across these networks to encourage community among the radical sex networks? Four things go into creating community: accepting differences; establishing trust; identifying common interests (needs, objectives and projects); and systems of communication and collaboration. 

Race will present some ideas and strategies along with his own extensive experience building communities and discuss with those in attendance these ideas and others to help us all better create community.

Overcoming Mental Illness in an M/s Dynamic

Presented by Sir Luke and victor

Sunday 1045 – Northern Lights Room

Mental illness is the secret we hide in the closet, the hush-hush of the community. We are told, “Don’t put your dick in crazy,” as if being ‘crazy’ is a “bad thing.”  Our brothers, sisters, and siblings are isolated when diagnosed and shunned as unsafe.

As a 24/7, TPE, Master/slave couple, Sir Luke and His slave, victor, will discuss how they handled the transition from neurotypical to living with a mental illness as well as how they live with it now, every day. They will cover the darker parts of mental illness, the struggles of recovery, and the toolbox they use to maintain a healthy dynamic even in the wake of mental illness. Participate in this peer-to-peer discussion to learn new tools for you.